Welcome to Dave Morgan Seminars

Welcome to Dave Morgan Seminars

As George Harrison wrote, ďAll things must pass.Ē Seminar tours are no different. This will be my 20th and final tour. I would have preferred to go 25 years, but Iím 61 years old and if I donít change my lifestyle soon, Iíve been told I wonít be around for another five years. So Iíll have to say goodbye to teaching on a regular wintertime basis. I want to make it clear, however, that I am NOT retiring from drag racing. I plan to spend more time writing and less time traveling.

Admittedly, there are still some holes in the schedule, but Iím already late getting the dates I have out, so please check the schedule. Iím open to adding more dates, but I need to be done by the March 22-23 date in Chicago. Register TODAY!


In selected locations, I teach racers how to setup a chassis using actual cars. Racers will get a chance to learn these techniques in a hands-on environment. The workshops are the most popular format in my program. Read more...

In the workshops we can...

  • Establish corner weights with springs and ballast
  • Locate the Center of Gravity
  • Map Instant Centers
  • Square the rear end
  • Align the front end
  • Bumpsteer your car


I'm here to help you improve your program. In fact, I'm available to help Sportsman drag racers gain knowledge, improve their win/run ratio and their cost/run ratio. For nearly four decades, my focus has been aimed at helping drag racers succeed at their passion.

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Dave's TravelBlog...UPDATED July 2011!

2011 American Tour

2011 American Tour 2011 American Tour 2011 American Tour 2011 American Tour

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ďThe knowledge I attained by attending Dave's seminar has proven to be important information time and time again.  He has a very comprehensive approach to teaching the details involved with tuning a chassis.  I'd recommend his seminar to anyone who is serious about drag racing!Ē

Damien Hazelton, Ottawa, OH
Lucky Dog Racing
2007 IHRA Hot Rod World Champion    

"It was an honor to have Dave in the same room as me. It was quite a thrill to have the opportunity to talk with him. He gave me a rekindled inspiration to correct my car."

John Carter, Grand Bend, Canada

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The price for Full-day seminars is still just $85/person.

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If you have questions about my new program, call me at (567) 242-9779.

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Dave Morgan

Noted Chassis Tuner & Technical Writer
ASE certified in Steering & Suspension and Automatic Transmissions
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